ZEE Guveya & the HERITAGE Survival Band Profile    

ZEE Guveya & the HERITAGE Survival Band is a group of exceptionally talented musicians from Zimbabwe hailing from the country's capital Harare. Our particular style of Afro-fusion draws on modern influences whilst upholding familiar traditional rhythms.   

Lead singer and guitarist Zivai 'ZEE' Guveya's talent was first discovered at the age of fifteen when he began working with Dr Thomas Tafirenyika Mapfumo as a multi-skilled musician playing the guitar, marimba mbira, and kongas. The early part of his career with Dr Thomas Tafirenyika Mapfumo saw him record five albums and touring throughout Africa, Europe and North America before relocating to the UK with the HERITAGE Survival Band, a compelling, insistent dance band weaving shuffling and hypnotic up-beat ‘Chimurenga’ songs with fast- beat ‘Sungura’ music. Veteran performers all who have worked with some of the great names of African music, the Band is a music powerhouse.   

We are currently working on our album ‘Rwendo/The Journey’ due to be released soon. We have performed on stage for a number of venues around the United Kingdom including famaous Bestival, Isle of Wight (2013), Rhythmtree Festival, Isle of Wight (2013),  Luton Carnival Uk (2009 & 2013) Marlborough Jazz Festival, Wiltshire UK (2013& 2012), Kaya Festival, North Wales (2012), WOMAD Festival (2009), Ocean in London, Manchester Academy, Manchester Carnival and supporting the Nigerian musician Lagwaja at the 'In The City' trade fair in Manchester and backed South Africa’s Freddie Gwala, Platform One to mention a few. The band has shared the stage with Zola of South Africa in his 2005 and 2006 UK Tours. Some of the HERITAGE Survival Band members have worked with prominent musicians of Zimbabwe, the likes of the late Andy Brown, Alick Macheso, the late Tongai Moyo, Ambuya Stella Chiweshe and Oliver Mutukudzi. All the HERITAGE Survival Band members have all shown their light in Zimbabwe. The music we play brings out different skills and feels to the UK community. As we are settled in England, we have deemed it wise to share some Zimbabwean (Heritage) music with the locals.   

The music we play has been greatly influenced by the following musicians; Bob Marley, Jimmy Hendrix, Dr. Thomas Tafirenyika Mapfumo, Joshua Dube and Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mutudzi. We are working extremely hard to pass our message and good music to the people. We hope that our fans will enjoy the good music and performances we have got for them and continue to support us. 

We would welcome the opportunity to work and present to you and the audience the best music in the industry.

Zororo Mubaya Band Manager 
8 Orchard Lane, Leigh, WN7 1NT UK 
FB: ZEE Guveya & the HERITAGE Survival Band 
Twitter: @h_survival 
Reverbnation: Zivai Guveya and the Heritage survival 
Myspace: Zivai Guveya and the Heritage Survival